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View Diary: American Enterprise Institute - Bomb Iran or Else (101 comments)

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  •  How would Iran use a Nuke? (11+ / 0-)

    If they used even one bomb the consequences would be catastrophic for Iran.

    It's an unusable weapon for Iran. The issue here is geopolitical posturing. A nuclear armed Iran becomes a more untouchable player in world politics. The US, in particular, suffers a loss of the ability to "project military power" in the ME. But this is precisely where a multi-polar world is heading anyway. The neocons want to delay this, but at an unacceptable cost and an uncontrollable downside.

    I'll get nervous when some US administration begins the marketing plan to sell a war with Iran. Meanwhile we are in a toxic wake left by the Bush administration, that is, that the US threats to make war in the ME may actually be carried out. This makes saber rattling far more dangerous today. I'd like to see the Obama admin cool it.

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