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  •  There is no obvious bribe, no meetings where value (1+ / 0-)
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    is promised for certain decisions, quid pro quo.

    Certainly there are judges who are corrupted and are discovered, the notorious example of the Pennsylvania judge throwing the book and serving heavy incarceration to nearly all youngsters coming to his court to stuff the cells of a private corrections company needing lots of clients to keep getting large sums from the taxpayers.  He received money from them as appreciation, a share of the loot.

          The quid pro quos are more subtle and more cleverly done than to have somebody openly solicit or complete a bribe process that could be electronically captured and used a centerpiece in a bribery trial.  No, the bribery is in the indirect emoluments and things of value that accrete to the judges' circle, like his family, his pet interests or hobbies or pursuits .   He belongs to them. He is a "made man", in Mafia parlance.  Not that mafia, but the 1% mafia.

           It is interesting that Thomas can get financing for a museum about things he is interested in by way of a friendly associate in business or law, but not get things of value directly to himself.

                Having a degree or two of separation satisfies the bribery statute.   When he leaves the office and his family or estate are given proper remunerative thanks that had been  unwise to reveal or display until he was off the court, we may or may not find out the true extent of his cooperation and active furthering of the interests of certain groups.

               Unlike a Spiro Agnew, who got paper bags of currency every week from pay to play contractors in Maryland even as sitting Vice President of the United States, these justices are far too wily and circumspect to be caught out in obvious plays soliciting or accepting the financial thanks of those they work for.

                 The judge in that PA  case got sentenced to more than 20 years himself, a tiny fraction of all the corrupted sentencing years he handed out.

    If you think that you and a bunch of other people can just show up on Wall St, camp out and have any effect whatsoever.... well, you will be run off in 20 minutes., you will leave town having wasted your effort 6/18/11.

    by BeeDeeS on Sat Dec 31, 2011 at 06:15:19 PM PST

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