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View Diary: 80% of Americans have 7% of America's wealth! (Sobering poverty in America video) (130 comments)

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    Democrats Ramshield

    Another fine diary DR, thanks.  Just imagine if maybe some, or better yet, many of our Democratic candidates incorporated this type of information into their campaign literature, talked about it when on the stump and clued the American people into exactly where they stand in a global sense.  Instead we've allowed fox news, ignorant talk radio hosts, corporatists and tea partiers to lay out a scenario where those benefits that are universal in most of the industrialized world are actually evil.  Think of that.  That's what they've done.  
    My sense is that that's not what people want but the alternatives have not been effectively communicated by our side.  Messaging is everything; just need a 2 word catch phrase to get things started.

    •  To Mike RinRI here is my 3 word catch phrase (0+ / 0-)

      3rd world America

      Let them explain that one and then we will know
      why 59 million have no health care and 60 million
      have no paid sick leave. Why 45 million are on food
      stamps and 37 million live in poverty!!

      Thanks for the great post and happy new year to you!

      sig...You just ran into a hardcore progressive who's just another working stiff with an MBA degree & therefore a vociferous labor union supporter [smile]

      by Democrats Ramshield on Mon Jan 02, 2012 at 04:29:52 PM PST

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