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  •  So sorry for your loss, but your tribute to your (0+ / 0-)

    mom makes me feel like I knew her.  Your love for her, and for your dad, shines through onto the page.  

    As the daughter of someone who had a stroke 10 years before he died, I understand the loss of the person who was and the emergence of someone I didn't always know.

    Best regards to you and your entire family on your journey to healing.

    •  It's been so hard on my dad. (0+ / 0-)

      He knows intellectually that her words and behavior after the stroke were not really her.  The damage from the stroke changed her personality.  But he wouldn't go to any support groups with people going through the same thing so he was really hurt when she acted mad at him and would smile for someone else but not him.  It really hurt him even though that's the last thing mom would have wanted.  She loved him very much always.  We never heard those two fight.  Well, except for a little sniping about how one of them played a bridge hand.  But that's bridge.

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