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View Diary: Gas Price Hits Record while U.S. Fuel Exports Hit Record in 2011 & Heating Assistance Slashed (123 comments)

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  •  I've lived in America my entire life, and (0+ / 0-)

    on more than one occasion when I was a child I went without so my younger brother and working mother could eat. My experience is that most Americans believe one of two absurd things about poverty in America: 1) that our poor are richer than "real" poor people in, e.g., the Congo and that that kind of poverty doesn't exist in America; 2) that the number of our poor who are actually in such dire straights as those elsewhere is so small as to be (practically) inconsequential (or else a condition of their own making, etc.).

    The percentage of the population impacted may be greater, but the depth of the hunger and poverty isn't. Americans are in just as bad a shape, "some", "most" and similar qualifiers notwithstanding. The fact that any American is even close to what people in a ravaged, decimated nation have to deal with should make anybody re-think their assumptions about what America is really like.

    American poverty isn't just Simpsons-style "working poor." It exists, and it's more third-world-hellhole than it is blue-collar-poverty.

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