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View Diary: Unions go on the air as Indiana Republicans continue anti-union push (44 comments)

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    Where do you get your "expertise" to make the statement that a union demands the employer terminate a worker who refuses to pay fair share? No union has the power to demand an employer to fire a worker.

    In addition, you need to clarify that fair share language may be written into every new labor contract, however, it may not be in the final contract.  

    •  Clearly you know nothing about unions (0+ / 0-)

      In every contract I've ever read (hundreds) there is a clause (in non-RtoW states) that demands union membership or a fair share fee to maintain employment.  Unions can and absolutely DO demand employers dismiss workers who refuse to sign their deduction card.

      And fair share language and automatic deduction is the very first language a union demands in a labor contract and I've never read a signed contract without it.  

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