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    An awesomely well written description of the current predicament. Also, a great implied call for an awesome need for some political leaders to act on this type of information. But apparently, those are awesomely scarce and awesomely difficult to find, especially ones who have some clout and who might be able to rustle up enough oher sensible people.

    Hey, we can't even get some for show perp walks of banksters, let alone walks of shame that might end with them spending the rest of their days in the big house, and that does not mean a big mansion...

    Anyway, is there a part 2 of this, such as how wind turbines (made and installed en masse) might kick start this old Harley of an economy? In the US, with little likelihood of any allowance for Feed-In Laws for states (more or less proscribed by the Supremecy Clause in conjuncion with the PURPA law) and the impending end of the "at least better than nothing" incentives that we do have, our wind industry either goes into hibernation at the end of 2012 or else we start dumping wind turbines onto the world market in a big way but more competently than China, who I gather still has quality issues. So 2012 will be a banner year for wind turbines in the US, and 2013 looks really ugly. So much for our "mini-recovery" via manufacturing and installation of renewable energy systems...

    And the probability that the teabagger faction of the Rethuglicans will wise up and extend those incentives? Somewhere between slim and none, strongly tilting towards none. And because Bohner will only pass stuff that can get over 218 Rethugs and not 218 congresspeople, passing these incentives requires many of the Teabagger faction to more or less think logically. And that's not much of a logical possibility.

    And there is a political answer to this, but people have to get off their butts and vote, and to do that, politicians worthy of voting for (even in a hold your nose, better that than let the Rethug win mode) have to be there. Hopefully that will be a possibility....


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