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    I don't think it's contradictory.

    Undocumented labor is just that - undocumented. It doesn't go on the books, it doesn't pay into your social security or taxes, and it doesn't get counted for other services like unemployment, etc.

    I do, however, think it's badly phrased - because the others do not replace you. The bosses replace you. The others are picked from - but they do not have an active say in the process. You can't come from Mexico, in other words, hold a gun to someone's head, and get a job. The administration has to consciously make a decision to hire a percentage of workers off the books - and find ways to hide their illegal behavior.

    The concept of immigrants stealing our jobs has always struck a wrong note with me. If employers chose to follow the law, there would be no opportunities for undocumented labor - and many Americans would find themselves quite happily picking fruit and doing physical labor, knowing they would get health insurance and fair payment for their time and effort. Employers claim this is oppressive - well, what else would they say? They also find linguistic and semantic ways to avoid such responsibilities - which we, victims of the echo chamber, repeat. Hence the meme that undocumented employees can "replace" you, instead of the far-more-accurate truth that well-documented employers can choose to illegally replace you.

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      When one tries to play the global game and haul a family around the world, the contract is the key.  My son received a nice offer in Hong Kong to train pilots, but it was made clear when the Chinese pilots were trained, he would be let go.  Labor is not mobile like money.  In the US the working undocumented could be found if we had enforcement of the laws.  We could also document them for the specific job instead of ignoring the issue which is "corporate-friendly".
      Where I live the high-tech visas are a form of cheap labor because, in my experience, the imported workers were trained to corporate specs by the country of their origin.

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