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    The world of business is a lot like the world of nature.  There is no one path to success for every species (of plant/animal or business).  Survival of the fittest is the name of the game both in nature and in business, but "fit" does not mean the same thing for every species.  Everyone kind of has their niche and as gaps are formed, some new company comes along to fill that gap.

    But at their core, in nature as in business, survival is given to the entities that can adapt to changing environment and exploit that environment.  

    If you can maintain a business with a $75,000/year secretary then good for you.  Some businesses who follow the "Doing well by doing good" ethos do very well.  But it's all about what your corporate priorities are and the evironment you live in.  Many companies do not see beyond the short term gain or do not exist in an environment that would allow for such generosity.  

    Many could definately afford to be more generous, but are not in pursuit of "growth".  Especially in REALLY large publicly traded companies, it's not enough to pull in a profit, you have to pull in MORE profit than the quarter or year before or you're considered a failure.  So they're constantly chasing that "growth", often in ways that ultimately undermine their customer base.  

    We are seeing this now with the Banking industry loading customers with exploitive fees or even in industries that provide products from clothing and shoes to cellphones and electronics.  Gone are the days when large corporations paid their employees enough to afford their products or services.  Those jobs have all been shipped overseas for a fraction of the cost to people who couldn't possibly afford to buy what they make.

    And THAT is part of the problem we have in this country.

    I started a blog. It's still a work in progress but if you're interested, come on by. Dawn of Ambivalence

    by DawnG on Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 07:40:32 PM PST

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