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View Diary: Thank President Obama for his bold recess appointment (291 comments)

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  •  I know you need me to have a problem... (0+ / 0-)

    ...with everything Obama does because it makes it easier for you to just dismiss any complaint anyone has about Obama than to actually address the complaint itself.  It doesn't make it true; I don't have a problem with everything he does. I'm glad your delusion that I do makes you feel good because it certainly doesn't do anything else.

    •  I'm delusional??? (0+ / 0-)

      Well, its possible. My mom passed from Alzheimer's, so I'm constantly on the lookout.

      But, let's see.....

      No. I'm not going to thank him for a no-brainer with results that are at-best unpredictable.

      If--and that's a big "if"--this leads to anything substantive I might reconsider.

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      Yep. You certainly did rec that stupendously ridculous comment which only serves one person - to diminish the President's accomplishment at every turn.

      Own your own actions. Oh, and lay off the personal attacks.

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