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View Diary: The Catholic Case Against Rick Santorum (35 comments)

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  •  Thanks to the U.S. Catholic bishops (1+ / 0-)
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    most Catholics in the pews don't know the church's opinion on all these other issues and don't know that these issues have the same moral weight as reproductive issues.

    In the last presidential campaign, those in the pews heard repeatedly that abortion was the ONLY issue; that "you have to have life first before you worry about any other issues"; and that anyone who voted for a candidate who supports legal abortion was no longer a Catholic.

    While the US Conference of Bishops put out a longer, more nuanced statement on weighing political issues against faith issues, the distinction was rarely  explained the altar and many, many bishops around the country ignored it and its implications.

    In every church I attended during the last Presidential race, it was all anti-Obama, anti-Democratic Senate and House, all the time, based exclusively on abortion.  

    I expect parish priests to do the same thing this time around, giving cover to people like Santorum who are the real cafeteria Catholics.

    •  I don't know about that (0+ / 0-)

      I went church in 2008, at several different places including where very conservative bishops celebrated Mass.  I never heard once during that whole time that abortion was the only issue or even that it trumped all other issues.  I think most of the noise around that comes from where people like to find scandal and controversy, drawing media coverage because of it makes for great narrative that sells page-views.  

      There are a few more people pretty far out in rightwingdom nowadays, and it is true that the Catholic Bishops Conference, which is a private, civil society lobbying organization, not a church teaching authority, has made a priority out of promoting some, mostly conservative, views over others, but in general people who actually go to church instead of just reading about it online aren't getting the conservative message in the pews.

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