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View Diary: EPIC WIN! Mittens gets DESTROYED by Occupier in New Hampshire "Corporations are ABUSIVE people!" (182 comments)

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  •  Very late to thread, but maybe someone (1+ / 0-)
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    (and the diarist) will see this...
    MOT, I have utmost respect for the work you do... but I believe (and I've been harping on this theme from time to time for quite a while) it does us no good to define what was a much "better" response from Romney as getting "destroyed"... I watched the entire video segment last night on Democracy Now...  and here is the entire transcript:
    MARK PROVOST: You’ve said that corporations are people. But in the last two years, corporate profits have surged to record highs, directly at the expense of wages. That’s in a JPMorgan report. Now, it seems that the U.S., it’s a great place to be a corporation then, but increasingly a desperate place to live and work. So would you refine your earlier statement from "corporations are people" to "corporations are abusive people"? And would you be willing to reverse the policies of both the Obama administration and his predecessors around corporate-centric economic policies that only see wealth and income, you know, just go to the top, at record highs seemingly, every—faster every year? And the people in this country are in a permanent economic stagnation. So, I just want to see some color on that.
    MITT ROMNEY: Where do you think corporations’ profit goes? When you hear that a corporation has profit, where does it go?
    MARK PROVOST: [inaudible] profit, I mean, it depends—
    MITT ROMNEY: Yeah, but where does it go?
    MARK PROVOST: Well, it depends. If they retain it, there’s retained earnings, that means that they’re not spending it on—they’re not distributing it as dividends, and that means they’re not using it for capex, capital expenditure. You know, so they could just hoard it. That’s retained earnings. Right? But as profits, it goes to shareholders. So it goes to the 1 percent of Americans that own 90 percent of the stocks.
    MITT ROMNEY: OK, not let’s get to facts, all right? There are two places they can go. Hold on. It’s my turn. You’ve had your turn. Now it’s my turn, all right? First of all, you’re right it goes to dividends, all right, which is to the owners. But they’re not the 1 percent. All right? They’re not only the 1 percent. I’m sure, among the dividends, go to the 1 percent, but also go to the people who have pensions. All right? [Pointing or looking at someone in audience.] There’s a guy. You don’t—are you in the 1 percent? No. He’s got dividends and retirement plans, 401(k)s. They’re filled of the dividends that come out from corporations. That’s number one.
    Number two, you are right, they can go into retained earnings, which then can be used for capital expenditures or growing the business or hiring people or working capital. When a business has profit, it can do good things: give it to the shareholders and grow the enterprise. And by the way, the only way it can hire people is if it grows the enterprise.  [Not mentioning 99% of the shareholders are in the 1%, like Romney is.]
    Now, corporations, they’re made up of people, and then, of course, the buildings that people work in. The buildings don’t pay taxes. The only people that—the only entities that pay taxes are people. And so, corporations are collections of people that are trying to have good jobs for themselves and promote the future. And so, corporations are made up of people, and the money goes to people, either to hire people or to pay shareholders. And so, they’re made up of people. So, somehow thinking that there’s something else out there that we could just grab money from and get taxes from, and everything could be better, that doesn’t involve people, well, they’re still people. And what I want to do is make America a place where those corporations that have that money decide to invest here.
    AMY GOODMAN: That was Mitt Romney answering a question from one of the people at the town hall about calling a corporation a person. Rob Weissman, we just have a minute. Can you respond?
    ROBERT WEISSMAN: You know, that’s a lot more of a refined response than he gave before. But he’s wrong about what he’s saying. Corporations are entities, not just a collection of people. They are entities that have their own legal life, state-created legal life. And the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United said that those entities, not the people within them, but the entity itself, has the right to spend whatever it wants to influence the outcome of elections, that’s—to represent actual, real, live, living, breathing human beings.

    [My emphasis.]

    As Weissman admits, it's a better response...  Provost started out well rehearsed, but at the end, was stumbling.  Romney was obviously very well prepared for Provost's attack, and came back with lots of "justification"...

    Of course, people like Kossacks (and I) are still going to see Romney's rhetoric as a bunch of bullshit.  And Weissman's point, about corporations being entities, state licensed, standing alone as legal entities (and failing to mention telling facts such as officers being able to hide behind the "corporate veil" when their corporation get sued -- a point which should be repeated continuously in this argument) was excellent.  My point is we should be more honest about spinning stories which are good for Democrats...  it's not US we need to convince, it's those in the middle...  Thus, calling the Romney-Provost interchange at a town hall meeting "Romney gets destroyed" is not accurate -- certainly not in this case.  I believe that many, if not most of the folks on the fence are thoughtful people who are not easily won over by hyperbole.  So it behooves us to take as honest an approach as possible to our identification of talking points.  Otherwise, we are -- in this area -- little better than the propaganda drum beaters on the other side.

    Kick apart the structures - Seth

    by ceebee7 on Fri Jan 06, 2012 at 10:39:57 AM PST

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