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View Diary: eSci: New Cause of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Found (100 comments)

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    It is thought by some that allowing the bees to make their own comb with the resulting increase in drone cells is better in the long run, since natural selection is enhanced with the increased genetic pool with more drones available for mating. Commercial beekeeping is fucking with this process by limiting drone cells.

    And naturally made comb has no contaminants, unlike commercial foundation which is loaded with chemical contaminants from all the treatments for pests in the beehive, which does get into the wax which is harvested and sold to the makers of foundation.

    There is, as of yet, no large supply of organic, contaminate free foundation.

    And bees are happier and less stressed making their own comb, and obviously prefer this to the commercial foundation. Sometimes it's best to let the bees behave as they always have during the thousands of years of evolution.

    So... no easy answers.

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