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View Diary: Mitt Romney, who secured a $10 million federal bailout for Bain, calls Obama a 'crony capitalist' (85 comments)

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    Yesterday Mitten's camp tried to claim responsibility for jobs created by Bain created many years after Mittens had any actual involvement with these companies. To follow Mitt's "logic" to it's full conclusion then wouldn't that mean that ANY job created by ANY company owned by Bain since 1991 has the United States Government to directly thank considering that without the govt's debt forgiveness Bain would have gone belly up? Actually, if not for this example of non free market / corporate welfare Mr 1% might not be the fatcat millionaire he is today. He owes his position in life to a government handout. This should be the news angle. If Bain went under, following the tenets of true free market much less money would Mittens have today? Most of his money now comes from dividends on Bain investment money  Headline should read: "Romney Owes Station in Life to Corporate Welfare"

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