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    Few of the soldiers who came home from WW 2 were considered heroes. The ones that were considered heroes--winners of the the Congressional Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Bronze Star, etc.--were recognized for their sacrifice to this country. Right or wrong, winners of the Purple Heart (physical injury) were considered less heroic. And those who were only in-theater were given the GI Bill, at least after a lot of jawboning between Dems and Repubs.

    Now days, anyone serving in Iraq or Afganistan is considered a hero, at least by the news readers on TV and newspaper columnists. OK, at least if that's what we really want to do. But I see calling everyone who served a hero as a transparent attempt by TV outlets to increase viewership by trying to put an appealing face on a disasterous war that maimed and killed many people. I beleive many vets would rather see a more concrete recognition--perhaps $20K for evry year served.

    If everyone's a hero then no one's a hero.

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