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    Yes, swearing the oath is a heavy responsibility which should not be taken lightly. As you say, in war crimes are committed by (most) everyone. I won't commit these crimes so I can't take the oath. (I would have served in WW2 which was not a war of choice waged by adminstrations that used them to seize power and remain in office. I recognize war crimes were committed in WW2 also.) Even a medic can wind up killing people, I know several that have. I hope you didn't have to. I don't consider myslef a free-rider though because these are elective wars whipped by inauthentic appeals to patriotism.

    War is not a noble experiment. There's usually nothing noble about it, especially how we come to war when we almost always have alternatives if we really want to avoid war. Most vets never seriously questioned whether our choice of national means was correct, must less morally justified.

    I do feel America needs an apology from those that should have simply said no. We can't go on doing this insanity. (Yes, I know, we can keep this up. After a couple of generations we seem to forget.) I strongly agree that the Dems should take full responsibility for not asking the questions that should have been asked. But the Johnson and Bush adminstrations are the most culpable for what happened. They should publicly apologize for their weakness and craveness in not wanting to lose their political office. At least these cowards did not lose their lives as so many did.

    We need a national day of remorse for our wars of choice. Vets that agree we did the wrong thing in pursuing these elective wars could march in a parade. I'd be there.

    At this critical time we must spend time looking back and reflecting on how these grievous decisions were made. If not now, when? If not us, who?

    Peace be to you.

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      is our democracy.I see no nobility in war.I reluctantly admit that despite our best efforts at times it is necessary.In your dairy you mention that in WWII they knew what they were fighting for.My Father was a decorated veteran of the European theater.Bronze Star, Purple Heart.He never talked much about his experience until he neared death from malignant melanoma, and I persuaded him to talk about it some.I asked him "Did you know what you were fighting for?""Not really" he said "Until I got to Auschwitz"His greatest regret was that one of the guards had put on a prison uniform and tried to blend in with the Jews , "One little old lady pointed him out" he told me and then he stood by and watched as the real victims from the camp beat the guard to death.This haunted him, he raised four kids, but all the time he lived with that, not to mention the sheer horror of walking in as a liberator of that unholy place.I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here.This is a good discussion, one that needs to take place, I even recce'd this diary because I admired your courage in bringing this up,but I feel your going too easy on yourself.Freedom isn't free, I'm not saying that like some God Damned richassed country singer selling records.There is a long line that stretches all the way back to Adams and Jefferson and Washington.All of them my brothers and sisters.Who have maybe done things that haunted them for most of their lives.But we get speak our minds here and now because when the time came they anted up.I am a proud progressive, and always think that war is a choice to be carefully made.But I will always honor those who put on a uniform hoping to do some good in the world.Every time I hear some politician cry havoc to unleash the dogs of war, the first thing I do look up their bio, what I usually find is that they never served and are what I like to call chicken hawks.You at least have the courage of your conviction and that should be acknowledged but I think in the end you go a bit too far.

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      by MasterfullyInept on Thu Jan 05, 2012 at 11:16:21 PM PST

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