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  •  "bipartisan" treachery in Democratic Party (0+ / 0-)

    For Levin to author such an odious bill is symptomatic of how far the Democratic party has drifted to the right.

    The abject failure of the Party to capitalize on the mandate and momentum that was demonstrated with the election of Obama is allowing all these repbulican dreams to come true.

    In the name of bipartisanship" Obama and the Demcratic party fiddled way the mandate leading to a dispirited electorate not turning out for mid-terms resulting in the tea party obstructism and vile policy initiatives like SOPA now being foised on us.

    Obama's lack of justice in not pursuing investigations into war crimes, the party capitulation on health care, and the continued kowtowing to wall streeet is disgusting.

    We are now at the point where the "grey breads" like Levin proudly champion completely fascist bills to undermine the Constitution in the name of "security" and make cutting the FICA tax rate for short term political gain with an inevitable erosion of Social Security are mainstream planks in the Democratic Party platform.

    Where is our FDR?

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