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  •  This should be a diary (8+ / 0-)

    and this is the most important argument.

    The answer is not the gold standard, it's more democracy, transparent government and responsible elected officials.

    Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world--and never will. Mark Twain

    by whoknu on Sat Jan 07, 2012 at 12:38:40 PM PST

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    •  Thank you (13+ / 0-)

      The simple reality is that liberalism contains all the resources needed to effectively govern a free society. Conservatism is nothing more than fascism and monarchialism in new wrapping. Libertarianism is nothing more than a pale gloss over anarchy with a healthy dose of puerile me-ism.

    •  More democracy? (0+ / 0-)

      Transparency? Responsible elected officials?

      Does this include the questionably-legal recess appointment of officials whose credentials have never even been presented to or examined by Congress? Just asking.

      •  Are you a troll? Is this guy a troll? (0+ / 0-)

        There was nothing illegal about what Obama did with the Cordray appointment and it was obvious to any intelligent person that he was more than willing to appoint him through the usual methods.  If you are upset that Congress did not get a chance to examine his credentials then you are clearly angry at the Republicans for filibustering his nomination - something they did on questionable legal grounds.

        Please do not be alarmed. We are about to engage... the nozzle.

        by Terrapin on Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 01:42:01 PM PST

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        •  Read the papers much? (0+ / 0-)

          I wrote, "officials." The three guys Obama appointed to the labor board have neither had their credentials vetted nor been presented to committees, let alone had their nominations held up there. Even leaving aside the not-insignificant issue of whether the Senate was in recess or not, as an act of an autocratic, imperial presidency, this is right on up there with the worst. This is Obama saying to the Seante, "Well, I just know you're going to obstruct me, so I'll just ignore even the form of proper procedure and just install whoever I want."

          So let me ask: do you like that way of doing things? Would you have been happy to let George Bush do the same? Will you support the right of, say, Romney to end-run the Senate in the same fashion? Does this seem to you like democracy, transparency and the act of responsibly elected officials?

          •  Well, you're sticking around so not a troll, ... (0+ / 0-)

            ... but, evidently, you agree with a great many conservative talking points on this issue.  The appointments to the NRLB had indeed been held up - they had been called DOA by the GOP.  In fact the board itself had only three out of five members because of this.  One of those three was scheduled to leave around the time that the President made the recess appointments which would have left the body unable to function.  But now it is fully stocked and ready to go.  

            If the GOP wanted a chance to 'advise and consent' then they could have allowed the process to go forward instead of obstructing every single thing this president tries to do.  Am I happy that this is what any president must do in order to ensure the efficient working of governmental institutions - of course not.  Would a Republican have to do this - probably not because Democrats believe in the institutions for which they serve.  That is the difference between Republicans and Democrats - and that is why I am a Democrat.

            If you are searching for purity of action in this political arena then you are bound to go home empty handed.  When dealing with an opposing Republican party that refuses to act in good faith or for the good of the country over its own fortunes then you must be prepared to act with conviction.  So if you are simply lurching toward your fainting couch then so be it - land softly and awake refreshed!.  But if you are trying to cultivate dissatisfaction with the way Obama is handling the ridiculous obstructionism of the GOP then you really ought to rethink your goals here.

            Please do not be alarmed. We are about to engage... the nozzle.

            by Terrapin on Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 02:02:42 PM PST

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            •  Short memory (0+ / 0-)

              If you really wish to trace the history of all these standoffs over the past couple of decades now, it goes back above all to the Bork nomination fight—which IMO the Dems were fools for starting. I was in grad school (poli sci) at the time, taking a course on the American presidency, and I remember clearly the professor's prediction that this would eventually play out badly. He was so very right.

              In the present instance, all I needed was the NY Times to know that there had been no actual vote on the NLRB nominations. When all is said and done, the president is no more "in charge" of the government than the legislature, and he doesn't get to substitute his opinion for that of the Congress.

              This is yet another instance of the self-aggrandized power that Schlesinger dubbed "the imperial presidency." There is no emergency here, no legal obligation for Obama to "ensure the efficient working of governmental institutions."In short, Obama has simply usurped authority, somewhat questionably in the case of the consumer board, highly questionably in the case of the NLRB.

              Worse, this is absolutely certain to generate intense litigation, which will effectively nullify any work of these agencies until the dust settles. In all, this was on Obama's part partisan grandstanding as dumb as anything the Republican have done. If it stands as a precedent, look forward to even more standoffs, and possibly even worse. If you can't imagine worse, I'll be happy to speculate.

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