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    If you really wish to trace the history of all these standoffs over the past couple of decades now, it goes back above all to the Bork nomination fight—which IMO the Dems were fools for starting. I was in grad school (poli sci) at the time, taking a course on the American presidency, and I remember clearly the professor's prediction that this would eventually play out badly. He was so very right.

    In the present instance, all I needed was the NY Times to know that there had been no actual vote on the NLRB nominations. When all is said and done, the president is no more "in charge" of the government than the legislature, and he doesn't get to substitute his opinion for that of the Congress.

    This is yet another instance of the self-aggrandized power that Schlesinger dubbed "the imperial presidency." There is no emergency here, no legal obligation for Obama to "ensure the efficient working of governmental institutions."In short, Obama has simply usurped authority, somewhat questionably in the case of the consumer board, highly questionably in the case of the NLRB.

    Worse, this is absolutely certain to generate intense litigation, which will effectively nullify any work of these agencies until the dust settles. In all, this was on Obama's part partisan grandstanding as dumb as anything the Republican have done. If it stands as a precedent, look forward to even more standoffs, and possibly even worse. If you can't imagine worse, I'll be happy to speculate.

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