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View Diary: Why doesn't the plutocrat owned American media report on the European social safety net? (179 comments)

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  •  Gordon Gekko's American Dream (4+ / 0-)

    I think the traditional American values of "working hard to get ahead" and being "self-made pioneers" have become warped to a dangerous and self-destructive degree by the promise that "greed is good."

    Fueled by the rampant materialism that's pushed on us 24/7 by the corporate media, we, as a nation, bought into Gordon Gekko's vision of America in the 80's and never looked back.

    "I am a self-made man with divine right to all I have accumulated (or at least on my way there). Why the hell would I give up anything to people who are too lazy or stupid to achieve the same as I have?"  Or so the myth goes...

    I think the cancer has pretty well metastasized at this point, and I'm not sure that we, as a country, can survive it.

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