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  •  Great diary. The GWOT was what brought me (9+ / 0-)

    into politics and being, in general, aware of the outside world. It was also the GWOT that led me to acknowledge that our nation is anything but exceptional.

    Another positive for ending the wars and returning to a republic: environmental degradation. Warmaking results in immense damage to our biosphere. I've always wondered how more environmentalists don't unite with the anti war movement. What do they think those war machines are burning?

    The whole endeavor is a threat to humanity. Sadly we are a nation that cannot see how disgusting it has become. After a century of domination and only one -sometimes acknowledged by the general population- foreign military defeat (War of 1812) since our inception our nation has fully developed the classic case of hubris necessary to establish an empire.

    Everyone fears what will happen to Pakistan's nukes if they disintegrate or even have a momentary lapse in order... How is America any different? In fact, our own nation far more scary.

    Economic depression? Check.
    No faith in elected officials or their parties? Growing steadily, check.
    Experiencing what could very well amount to final cusp of imperial might? Check.
    Religious fundamentalists openly advocating for an end of church and state? Check.
    Class stratification near all-time highs for modern society?. Check.
    Religious fundamentalists in league politically with the corporate state-? Check.
    Said political league owns major media outlets which spew propaganda in favor of the entrenched special interests ? Check.
    Potentially significant portion of population thoroughly indoctrinated to the point of irrational cognitive dissonance being commonplace? Check.

    If I were writing with a pen, I'd have to make a decision. Keep on boring you and waste ink, or say fuck it, "My point is made, whether you agree or not."

    At the end of the day, it will be the job of Americans to democratically end this madness. They better, because the decline of America- if allowed to continue- will not be pretty.

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