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  •  Me. (10+ / 0-)

    I wished to write a strictly non 'side' diary about Paul.

    I think the co-option of diaries about Paul by people who just wanted to argue with each other was silly, and that  wanted something to point to when actual Paul-followers stopped by on site.

    Apparently a few other people liked it as well.

    •  A few others are using it to jerk off to their (1+ / 0-)
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      Greenwald hate. I wouldn't be too happy about that iff I were you.

      What could anybody possibly learn about Paul in this diary? Everybody fucking knows this. What purpose is  this serving?

      •  I don't read Greenwald. If he starts posting here (6+ / 0-)

        I might, and debate him, one way or another, or agree with him.

        And, just because you apparently know all of this about Paul, doesn't mean everybody fucking knows this.  That doesn't actually follow logically.

      •  I can't really say (4+ / 0-)
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        Blue Wind, 420 forever, ladyjames, Quequeg

        I've ever read a pro RP dairy here. Even GG's posts were very clear about his vile world view. what people are talking about as I understand it  the fact that the Democrat's and this administration are continuing down the same road as the bushies. they have expanded the GWOT and the civil liberty abuses are now codified, the odious patriot act was renewed and has secret sauce that we can't even know about. These are issues which disturb a lot of liberals and Democrat's.

        I don't care about RP's motivation for ending these endless wars for profit and geopolitical domination. I do not like RP he's a nasty piece of work, and his son is even worse. I do care very mush about this administration policies and agenda both domestically and foriegn.

        Are you dense? do you not read what people are saying they are not supporting RP they are asking why no one our side is talking about ending these wars and about restoring our civil liberties and the anti-democratic policies .

        You seem more fascinated with RP then most of the people who have a major problem with Obama's policy and agenda. Then again your fear driven in your support which isn't really going to work if the Dems continue to offer the same way forward but not quite as nuts. Kind of puts a damper on the fear factor.      

    •  You really should read this. (1+ / 0-)
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      Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN
      •  Just did, thanks for the link. (10+ / 0-)

        While you can obviously make such an argument, I think Greenwald, as quoted by Corey, is being too facile in his conflation of Paul's actual positions and the worldview from which they arise, and the positions that many on the left hold, and that the actual results of such positions being implemented would be wildly different in reality than they appear to be in simplistic soundbites put forth by Paul and his followers.

        As another commenter noted above, it's like two people saying they 'want to end hunger' - one who wants to feed the hungry, and another who wants to starve them to death.  Both 'end hunger', but one in a constructive way and one in a destructive way.

        •  But that is TRYING to miss the point. (1+ / 0-)
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          420 forever

          Ron Paul is a nobody congressman from nowhere Texas who will never in a billion years come close to being Presidnet of our country. Greenwald knows this. He's writing about, just like he has for nearly ten years, the actual people in power, and their actual policies. He USED Ron Paul to make these points, as Corey Robin explains. Responding to that by saying "But Ron Paul is a racist is beneath you." You must know this.

          •  Actually 'but Ron Paul is a racist' is about the (6+ / 0-)

            last thing I did.

            I didn't write this diary because of Greenwald, I didn't write this diary because of Robin.  They're even more nobodies than Paul, who, no matter how little I think of him personally, is currently a Presidential contender (who won't win) and thus currently has an enormous megaphone for his libertarian nonsense.  And who is misleading many thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of young people, into thinking that he actually has 'good messages' if only from some small subset of his view of 'the perfect Paul world'.

            So my message is not 'But Ron Paul is a racist is beneath you'. or even 'But Ron Paul is a racist'.

            It's here is what Ron Paul is, according to Ron Paul.

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