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  •  Actually 'but Ron Paul is a racist' is about the (6+ / 0-)

    last thing I did.

    I didn't write this diary because of Greenwald, I didn't write this diary because of Robin.  They're even more nobodies than Paul, who, no matter how little I think of him personally, is currently a Presidential contender (who won't win) and thus currently has an enormous megaphone for his libertarian nonsense.  And who is misleading many thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of young people, into thinking that he actually has 'good messages' if only from some small subset of his view of 'the perfect Paul world'.

    So my message is not 'But Ron Paul is a racist is beneath you'. or even 'But Ron Paul is a racist'.

    It's here is what Ron Paul is, according to Ron Paul.

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