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View Diary: Ron Paul: No Liberal. (241 comments)

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  •  We obviously disagree about that (0+ / 0-)

    Paul has stated principles that on their face are what I believe, and what I think any sane "progressive" person would believe.  Whatever other baggage the guy may or may not have is irrelevant.  In fact, I'm grateful for some to have ONE person stand up in national politics and say, "If China invaded our country, and started killing our people, and some of our people stood up to them, China would call them terrorists."  

    There's simply no other person making this flatly true statement on the national political scene, and because of that I am grateful that a Paul exists in this political climate.  

    It is a completely subversive position in the current horrible state of American politics, and I just happy SOMEBODY is taking it.

    Because my guy (Obama) is completely on board with the Bushco "War on Terror" bullshit, and silent or complicit with all sorts of things I think range from immoral and anti-American to actual War Crimes.

    If the alternative is continued War Crimes, Paul's various retrograde social positions seem quaint in comparison.

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