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    Sybil Liberty

    Actually, it was a working title which I left alone simply because it was short, and approximated the longer sentence I couldn't think to reframe neatly, which was along the lines of 'If you think you and Ron Paul actually share any liberal values, you're horribly wrong'.  But I think that's too long for a title.

    The reality is that a number of people on site (and in this diary) have mistakenly pulled out the exact same (wrong) beliefs about how Paul is 'right on' X, Y, or Z.  (At least mistakenly if the people saying them are actually liberals.)

    A favorite seems to be 'the war on drugs', which they all quote as if Paul is actually for legalizing all their favorite recreational drugs.  Nothing could be farther than the truth, and Paul makes it explicitly clear in the  he made in the New York Times interview above.  But they still come in this very diary  and make the exact same claims.

    Either they didn't even bother to read before commenting, or they don't actually care what Paul actually wants or believes, they're here to spout the Luntzian pro-Paul propaganda.

    People like David Mizner aren't pro-Paul.  People who come into a diary that shows Paul saying 'I abhor drugs' and that he wants them to be dealt with with local laws, and claim that Paul has 'the correct stance on the War on Drugs' are simply not in line with actual liberal values, or are incapable of rational thought.

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