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    of how the few continue to control and manipulate the many... perpetuating the status quo... in this case, the perpetuation of education designed not to educate children, but to create obedient consumers.  Those are the words in an article in Harper's of the then-just-retired Superintendent of Public Schools of Brooklyn in or around 2005-6.

    I'm beginning to include the below links, wherever pertinent, on certain comments I make.  This information states in pretty easy but forceful terms HOW the few continue to control the many... the information, like the discussion and information in the diary above, is certainly powerful, albeit not particularly sexy.  Thus, as someone else commented, today's diary about Tim Tebow will likely receive more attention.

    Information contained in the below links is available to all who have internet access, and IMO simplifies understanding all the 3rd, 4th and 5th level discussions of political malfeasance most dKos diaries and comments address... such as the above-diaried education story.  Said malfeasance is really nothing more than mere distractions to prevent universal knowledge and discussion of the real truths and the problems manifested thereby.  Those truths are accessible by reading and viewing the information available in the following links.

    The first is a brilliant article, a bit lenthy, by Lewis Lapham on the history of corporate influence on politics, with particular emphasis on what's happened since the Powell Memo was produced in the early 70s...  (I have a copy in case anyone would like to read it.)  Lapham's writing alone is worth the read for its eloquence and laser-like, if sometimes lofty, pronouncements.

    The second is a recently-discovered site containing much material written by Bill Domhoff, a sociology/psychology research professor at UC Santa Cruz.  I'm assuming the site and writings are at least somewhat known to some Kossacks, but I've never seen any reference to it.  These are academic writings citing empirical evidence and are exhaustive in explaining the how the American oligarchy has the nation by the balls (apologies for the sexist reference), and has had for a long time, and how it keeps its hold.  (This is why I call dKos material 3rd level and worse... we are so far away from discussing the roots of the problem, and until those roots and causes become everyday knowledge, there can be no true reform, let alone social revolution.  IMO.)

    The third is a non-political (subscription) website that lists by name old money family dynasties in America, with bios of many of of them, dating from colonial times.  There are thousands of these families.  They very much identify, again IMO, the 1%.  Notably, the more well-known top of the wealth list -- Gates, Buffett, Ellison, the Waltons, the Koch's, etc., are not among them -- they haven't been around long enough to be invited.

    The fourth is a pretty amazing and eye-opening film which I first saw linked in a comment to a diary on dKos and hooked up to and watched.  It is a 1 1/2 hour film that tends to wake one up as to what's really been going on since before the revolutionary war.  I went into mild depression after watching it, so be careful.

    It's my hope that someday this information will be widely-distributed and widely known... it documents pretty conclusively what we're truly up against.  But it's not very sexy.

    Kick apart the structures - Seth

    by ceebee7 on Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 06:55:23 PM PST

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