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View Diary: KS GOP House Speaker's Prayer for Obama's Death (161 comments)

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  •  And yet... (0+ / 0-)

    you do not have any instances where the use of this bible verse triggered a Secret Service investigation.  And why not?  Because the use of this verse, as the Kansas Speaker used it, is not a death threat.

    The stories are legion, and the wording often less obvious as a threat than what is under discussion here.

    I call bullshit.  I did the google search you suggested and a bunch of stories come up about a T-shirt depicting Obama and a bunch of bullet holes.  Are you considering that "less obvious" than the Kansas Speaker's email?  

    Since you guys think this is a death threat, and since there's no evidence that the Secret Service is investigating the Kansas Speaker, you all have of course personally contacted the Secret Service and alerted them to this threat, right?  Or have you just hoped that someone else would take care of that?  

    •  No disagreement. (2+ / 0-)
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      No one claims there is a Secret Service investigation -- just that an exception has been made here.

      It appears that the exception shows a political bias or least blindness.

      It's possible to interpret the e-mail as not a death-prayer, but it is also possible to interpret it the other way.  The Secret Service is interested in statements that even suggest the death of the President.

      The standard is evident in the case of the person jailed for invoking the Biblical image of the burning bush.

      The fact is that the e-mail sounded like a death proposal to a lot of reasonable ears, if not yours. To mine, it sounded not like a threat but like pandering to deadly hatred, which is no better.

      The Secret Service doesn't have the time to debate before investigating. You may be right about what the Speaker wrote, but if you sent out such a careless message, I'm dead certain Homeland Security would cut you no slack -- or anyone else here.

      •  I think you misread the standard. (0+ / 0-)

        The standard seems to be speech that suggests the violent death of the President, not merely the death of the President.

        Googling the "burning Bush" guy, it appears he said:

        "Don't be surprised if you see George Bush on TV and someone runs by and throws something on him and lights a match."

        I don't have any issue with that being construed as a threat.  It suggests the violent assassination of the president.  And as it turns out, the guy was not only arrested, he was convicted.

        The Speaker's statement doesn't suggest the violent assassination of the President, even if we accept that it suggests a death wish or death praryer for the president, which is certainly arguable.  To me, it falls into the same category as "I hope Cheney has another heart attack"-- comments that have no place in decent political discourse, and which may have a cumulative radicalizing effect, but don't in and of themselves contain any real expressed or implied threat, and therefore aren't investigated.

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