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  •  Don't read Kudlow/Will (4+ / 0-)

    but they have no understanding of the US history. The federal government has created far greater wealth than all the entrepeneur and investors combined.

    Other than these two life long GOOPERs (both of whom civilized people would be cautious of entertaining in their homes), does anyone believe that Sun Micro or Apple would have been able to start if there had been no NASA, no missile program, no space program, no government subsidy of the semiconductor and computer industry?

    Whether it was indirect support via land grant colleges, the GI bill, or direct aid to universities, the federal government provided the engineers that these VCs needed.

    It was government orders that kept Motorola, Fairchild and IBM involved in computers.

    The arguments of Will and Kudlow were well known in the 1930s and, luckily for us, they were rejected.

    Would that we had the such economic leaders today.

    •  Most of the"pharmaceutical break throughs" (1+ / 0-)
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      life is making tacos

      come from government research too.  The National Institutes of Health do all kinds of experimental treatment that ends up making private companies money.

      I live among rabid conservatives.  So, I continue to point this kind of stuff out every single day.  It's changing some minds, and making others stop and think.  I explain things these people have never even thought of before....and most times it is very heartening to see that it really is just ignorance that keeps them "conservative".....they've never been exposed to any other kinds of thinking.  It is easier to "sell" Democrats with Obama in the White House and the Dem House not breaking the bank with radical liberal changes a few years ago.  I know that pisses people here off to no end, but in order to get the PEOPLE of the country to move leftward, incremental change is the way to go.  It's how Reagan started the slide rightward......welfare didn't end during his tenure, despite his demonizing of it at every turn.  It took another 8 years of the people being conditioned to it, then to vote for the folks that would actually end it.

      I think I "get" what Obama is trying to do.  And I'm going to help him and future dems any way I can.  Right now, that means talking with people about everyday concerns......helping them (not forcing them) to see just how much ground they have lost and WHY.  It ain't the people taking food's the people taking jobs, to fill their OWN bank accounts.  

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