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  •  Voting Obama in 2012, 2016... (9+ / 0-)

    I would be hard pressed to vote Hillary Clinton for the same reason I didn't support her in 2008: she lied on the campaign trail, and her views on foreign policy were generally hawkish or off-base; additionally, she wasn't very sensitive to the Latino immigrant community (though she did get it right on LGBT issues) -- I just don't think I could back a DLC'er and would really have to hold my nose to vote for her... which I guess I could do; did it for Jerry Brown here in California and am still annoyed with him all around.

    I hope we have someone much better in 2016 though. Not sure who would be my "ideal" though (other than Sanders, who isn't politically viable, I don't believe).

    Thus said, I do think Obama has been a good President considering the cruddy role he's dealt with; I can't think of any better in my life time. There are some places where he's definitely thudded and others where he has shined. I prognosticate that he will be a very different sort of President during his second term since that is what he's implied at various times. It's hard with the atrocious Congress he's dealing with, and what basically amounts to a world economic nightmare. I appreciate the things he's done recently with immigrant families, keeping them together better, which has always been one of my foremost issues with deportation: it's conducted inhumanely for families. Outstanding and got accolades even from some of the hardened Leftist activists whom I know!

    I'm not as excited as the last election. But I will throw my weight in since it looks like it would be useful and on some issues, Obama has been good. I think Meteor Blades' diary yesterday was a great example of this. I also appreciate not being loathed by the rest of the world.

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