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View Diary: Yes, Obama is a kick-ass President! Deal with it GOP... (346 comments)

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  •  When did I note that my sigh was holding me back? (0+ / 0-)

    As for the term silly, I indicated that diaries of this type can border on silly. I did not say this diary specifically was silly.

    As for attention and respect, you seem to look for anything that you might deem as less than praiseworthy and try to jump on it.  You don't seem to what to encourage discussion on increase understanding. Instead, you seem to want to punish someone for being less than happy with a diary.  

    I never said that indicating one's disappointment is offered as constructive criticism.  It has been you who has been using that phrase.  You apparently think that the writer of the diary is entitled to his happiness and enthusiasm but for a commenter to indicate his or her disappointment in the manner in which the diary is written is inappropriate.  I disagree.  

    The term "Christian Conservative" is an even greater oxymoron than "Colosseum Lion Trainer for Christ".

    by StevenJoseph on Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 09:19:10 AM PST

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