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View Diary: Walker's Wisconsin: Kenosha County Sheriff Says Signs More Than 4" Wide Not Allowed On Public Land. (218 comments)

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    it is a little to late in the game for this, but if you need to do recalls in the future you might think about having a bright piece of clothing that all recall workers could wear.

    Get it into the news so that the article of clothing is 'branded', any time you see someone with this particular item, you know they are gathering signatures.

    It may be better to have a vest that can be worn over winter coats, etc.  But folks like this Sheriff may decide that it is against some ordinance to wear the vest and make you take it off.  It would be harder to make the recall folks strip down (although I would not put it past them).

    Thanks for keeping us informed.  I keep wondering what could they try next . . . and now we know.  Just amazing.

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