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View Diary: Rick Perry slams Mitt Romney's Bain experience: 'Getting rich off failure' (107 comments)

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  •  The attacks aren't okay for the GOP establishment (3+ / 0-)
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    TofG, ferg, Matt Z

    Yes, candidates in 3rd or 4th place are trying it out, hoping to get some populist traction, but the conservatives on RedState do not like this attack at all and feel it's anti-business.

    The GOP establishment of the 1% is also not going to like seeing two major GOP candidates calling the 1% a bunch of worthless theives.  Because we know it wasn't just Bain, and it wasn't just Romney.  All of Wall Street gets rich off failure, they built it that way.

    Yes Newt and Perry are now saying that the parasite investor class (the 1%) get rich off failure.  I don't see them getting too much more funding.  The $5 million that Newt got was probably a favor he called in, because its personal now between Newt and Romney.

    But the GOP establishment is not going to attack Bain or the rest of the parasites.

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