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View Diary: Open thread: Real Republicans on the EPA (28 comments)

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  •  Open letter to right wingers on EPA (2+ / 0-)
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    pittie70, OnlyWords

    1) Isn't it funny how many of you are the same types who will scream when a private property owner has weeds on his lawn, but won't give him a break inthe name of saving money. Why are you thte same type of people who don't mind intruding on his rights as an individual. Many of you are the same types who sit on city councils coming up with lawn height regulations.
    2) In a free market, shouldn't a company pay for all their costs? When they dispose off wastes into the public water and air, what is anti-free market about  making them pay for the damage they cause?
    3) How exactly will a non regulated free market system force a company not to pollute when there are savings to be had?
    4) Doesn't a community with poor water and air have its assets depreciated lowering private property values?
    5) Using anecdotes such as the lack of bioofuel supply for a certain regulation harming business owners does not mean you throw out an entire agency based on a couple of ineffcient or incompetent or flat out impractical policies. Are you guys in favor of dismantling the entire defense department if I can give you a list of the contracting mistakes and fraud over the years?

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