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  •  Six years ago (15+ / 0-)

    through a long and bizarre confluence of events, I ended up basically dropping out of college with 99% of my Bachelor's completed. I ended up in a dead-end job (call center, actually!) that I can no longer stand. When New Year's Eve rolled around and I started thinking "new year, fresh start" I casually did a little research to see what, if anything, I could do with the credits I've already earned. I threw the information aside and basically forgot to make the next phone call I had to make.

    Tomorrow morning I'm making that call, and it's because of this diary. Good on you, rexy, for getting your #%*@ together, and it's time I get mine together.

    "If nobody loves you, your soul dies, and there are no pills for that." --MBNYC

    by PerfectStormer on Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 04:32:24 PM PST

    •  for some reason I can't rec this (2+ / 0-)
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      Nulwee, rexymeteorite

      but I do.

      Mobile apps for small and local business MoLoSo

      by Bionic on Mon Jan 09, 2012 at 05:16:24 PM PST

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    •  I wish you well. (6+ / 0-)

      In a way, it is tough to go back, and in a completely different way, it is pretty easy. . . kind of like riding a bike I guess.  

      It is easy to get out of the habit of learning.  But thank goodness, it is pretty easy to get back into the habit.

      It was probably 15 years between my sophomore year and when I went back to finish my degree.

      Sounds like you are really close.  So go finish !

      I remember when I was a kid, my dad was something like 2 classes away from graduating and he 'finally' went back and finished his degree.  So it is possible, take the next step.

      Good luck

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