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  •  The only way that can work is for the U.S. to.... (1+ / 0-)
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    tax the snot out of the financial "industry" to drive investment away from the Wall Street casino and plowing the resulting government revenue back into infrastructure and labor-intensive fields like health care and home care (i.e., keeping the exploding numbers of elderly in their own homes as long as possible).

    Otherwise it'll be robot factories building products that can only be afforded by the dwindling fraction of Americans living in gated communities. And it'll be far too tempting for politicians to expand the military as a jobs program!

    •  there are other things too (1+ / 0-)
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      Beyond healthcare.  If we aren't all working full on to figure out how to be fed and have shelter, there is room for other things like scientific research and the arts.

      Right now I think we're in a bit of a dark age in the world.  Centuries from now perhaps there will be some enlightenment and societies will figure out how to leverage the technologies we have access to right now.  There is no need for each person to "work" and there is no shortage of resources to sustain life.  It's only our system of distribution that is broken.

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