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View Diary: Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Romney on the ropes over his corporate record (93 comments)

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    going on forever. The case for Romney's electability has taken a hit in the last few days.  That was his strong suit. All the other candidates are doing a good job of appealing to their particular favored portion of the twisted collective mindset that is the GOP. Huntsman will take the 16.6% of the GOP that believes in the GOP economic message but is moderate in other areas and believes that Bain is a problem  for Romney. Romney will take the 16.6% who believe in above but don't mind Bain and think that it is Romney's turn. Gingrich will take the 16.6% who primarily love listening to the right wing radio shows that throw the read meat and love how Gingrich throws the read meat. Santorum will take the 16.6% who are primarily holy rollers.  Paul will take the 16.6% who are primarily libertarians. Perry will take the 16.6% who masturbate nightly to their fantasy idea of what a President should look like and ignore the fact that he is as dumb as a rock.

    Let them all carve each other up during a brokered convention. Who cares. They have no souls.

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