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View Diary: What President Obama can do for the economy without Congress: Mass mortgage refinancing (93 comments)

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    I entered mediation with B of A lawyers for a record setting 3 times.  The foreclosure mill lawyer was not prepared the first 2 times.  After the 3rd court appearence, B of A offered to lower my mortgage payment by a whopping $30.  Yes, Thirty.

    My lawyer was livid and I have just been numbed into submission until Occupy woke me up.

    The house was originally purchased through Countrywide.  A modest 3 bedroom, 1600 sq ft for 159K.
    We had 8 clean years of paying everything on time then I lost my job, got a new one in 3 weeks but 4 hours away.  Then my wife lost hers.  I just wanted a modification until we were able to get back on track.

    The house has been in foreclosure for almost 3 years now.

    My attorney is doing everything he can to get B of A into court, in front of a judge.

    We will see what happens?

    B of A can have the house with its need of a new deck and roof.  Unless they offer a modification or refi, I will let them have the keys.  Bastards.

    Their CEO will make more in bonus money this year then I will make in a combined lifetime of cancer research.  Where is the justice in that?


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      nightmare modification struggle story!
      Good luck- hope your lawyer rips them a new one.
      Occupy is definitely changing the game it seems to me.
      Like a kitchen light on cockroaches.

      Take care.

      Occupy your mind. - No better friend, no worse enemy.

      by Thousandwatts on Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 11:33:25 AM PST

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