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  •  The populist movement was an undercurrent (2+ / 0-)
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    kyril, Onomastic

    back in 2009. I worked on a Senate campaign back then and I recall a conversation with a major Dem "player" about the need to back the most populist candidates or face huge losses. He came back after consulting with his "People" and said it was a "novel" idea. I watched as the Dems went with the DLC/corporate types in the 2010 cycle and had their ass handed to them because Koch et al saw the populist meme brewing and so they created their own populist movement. Basically they created a populist movement and lead the parade.

    What we see here is the Reps attempting to jump in to an existing parade with a fake majorette. This is the punchline to a bad joke -- the fake majorette will lead the masses off the parade route into a dead end alley. #OWS needs to take control of their future or the parade will be lead into a cold dark place by the likes of the Kochs.

    Again Progressives are sitting at a chess board waiting for our opponents to make a move when in fact our opponents left the scene. We are busy waiting for their chess move while the clock is ticking. We are so focused on the chess board and the rules that we fail to see that our opponents are long gone because they are jumping ahead of our populist parade.

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