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View Diary: "They want to destroy this country" Really? (208 comments)

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    Obama came in thinking he'd be sort of an international Bill Clinton, "different type of democrat"

    Turned out the "vast right wing conspiracy" was alive and well and he was unprepared to gird his loins.

    The GOP is now so far to the right of what it was even back when Clinton was in that it wouldn't matter if Obama put a bill in to privatize Social Security and declare War on Iran they would still reject it and call him a socialist just because they are pissed that a dem had the gall to win the presidency.

    We, or most of us here, knew in 2008 what the President should do. Use his powers of the bully pulpit to fully discredit deregulation and trickle down using the momentum generated by the financial meltdown.

    Instead he played nice and rather than destroying the conservative brand in the publics mind and THEN passing financial reform and health care, he gave it some CPR by his efforts to incorporate GOP ideas, which gave us a republican house.

    Luckily the opportunity was not wasted.  People like Robert Reich, Krugman, Elizabeth Warren and then the OWS people actually pushed the issues and they are coming close to being as big a part of the conversation as the debt was.

    Obama girded his loins and now the stage is set for both the potential candidates and the press to investigate whether tax cuts, trickle down and deregulation are our saviors or what got us here. You even have people like David Brooks talking about the inequality gap. You have Newt and Perry parroting OWS talking points in attacking Mittens.

    This is the election and the national conversation I've been wanting to see since say 1985!

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