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  •  I'm not surprised (4.00)
    I remember when Bill Clinton came to Halifax for the 1995 G7 meeting, and the reaction to it was like having a cultural event, one big several day party atmosphere.  People came from all over to catch sight of him in town, and there was no serious grumbling about the security measures taken, despite the fact Halifax was not used to seeing snipers all over the downtown core.  Contrast that with G WQ Bush's visit last December.  


    The only people that came to see him were those protesting his visit, and there were several thousand of those, and the local reaction was extraordinarily negative, in that it was very visible.  People around here aren't that rude by nature, for all that Halifax is a city and the regional hub, until the last 30-50 years ago it still had the feel of a large town, not an urban environment, so there was and is a fair amount of that ingrained civility most smaller communities have.  However, no one seemed to want him here, not even the local business community when I talked with various shop owners.  

    Like so many others here I long for the days of Bill Clinton, when competence and sanity reigned supreme, instead of ideological/theological "truths" replacing reality.  I am certain that is something shared the world over.

    Rapturist: Someone that commits random acts of senseless kindness.

    by Haligonian on Fri Apr 08, 2005 at 06:27:24 PM PDT

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