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View Diary: Continuing Protests Against NDAA Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens, Recall Efforts On. (25 comments)

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    As the diary states, recall laws are relatively untested and could succeed in states which already have them.  But recall activists openly acknowledge that the real value of these campaign is as a vehicle for shadowing the treasonous congressmen for what they have done, especially those up for re-election.  This makes it easier for challengers, be they primary or general election, to mount a real campaign.  

    The bottom line is because of the major broadcast media blackout, citizens understand they have a lot of hard grassroots education to do on NDAA, which is larger than the scope of a primary campaign, but there is no sense in doing an education campaign with no teeth to it, like recall has.  

    It is clear that the Congress is now in the hands of a dangerous rabble intent on passing the power to put their constituents in military detention going solely on the word of Executive Branch bureaucrats.  

    It is possible the Founders did not think we needed recall laws because memories of kingly repression were so fresh it would have been political suicide to tell the colonists they had no rights, and it would not have been attempted.  Now the government has been emboldened.  We need recall laws, and it's time for another round of court challenges, in a vastly different political climate.

    This does not preclude replacing the Democrats who voted for NDAA in primaries with better Democrats, and running against those Republicans who did.  It works hand-in-hand.

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