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View Diary: Extremely sick Americans overwhelming federal high risk insurance pools (238 comments)

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  •  I'll add my voice to those of the many upthread... (7+ / 0-)

    I've seen that 60 Minutes piece before, and it's heartbreaking, and I couldn't bear to watch it again.  
    What comes to my mind when I see a piece like this are three points:
    a) The "cost" of health care, which in this country is exorbitant, includes the high salaries and perks of upper-level executives of health insurance companies, medical services companies AND liability insurance companies.  The cost of liability insurance, read that "malpractice insurance", is WAY above what one would expect based on the statistical realities that underpin it. Regulation and tax policy are the answer here.
    b) The "cost" of health care includes the vast number of tests that go into the "care" of individuals receiving that care, be it preventive, curative or palliative. While I'm not aware of exactly how many of these tests are actually needed and how many are "fluff" designed to pad the revenues of the labs, medical practices and other providers, it seems some added regulation (and, again, tax policy) could help here as well.
    c) The conversation about the flaws and virtues of our health care system almost always revolve around health "insurance".  Perhaps it's time to shift the framing towards the issue of access to health "care" rather than that of access to health "insurance".   The reason is simple enough:  Insurance implies a series of payments in anticipation of future services to be rendered when necessary.  The payments, of course, must be made, and made according to a set schedule established by the service provider and according to a set of rules and restrictions also established by the service provider.  When it comes to providing the paid-for services, well, sometimes the arrangement kinda falls apart.  That's my big complaint about health insurance "mandates":  If I must buy I will; who'll make the insurance company honor my claims?
    You're right, nyceve.  The system is corrupt to the core.  It's time for a change.....

    Well, it sure is a mess, ain’t it, Sheriff….
    Yep, and if it ain’t it’ll do ‘til the mess gets here.

    Liberal = We're all in this together
    Conservative = Every man for himself
    Who you gonna call?

    •  Oye: (1+ / 0-)
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      re your b):  As far as I know the testing is done to "prove" the diagnosis to the insurance provider.  The only reason I know this is I was getting sinus xrays ad nauseum and told the doctor ENOUGH ALREADY!!  That's when he explained it to me.  Now this was approx. 20 yrs ago so it might have changed, but I doubt it.  I would venture to guess (I not sure how right I would be though), that the insurance companies themselves get a kick back on these tests etc.  Just like the whole drug/doctor thing.

    •  Health "care" not health "insurance" (1+ / 0-)
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      is in the Democratic platform by design.
      This was my special request to one of the people that wrote it in 2008.  She did.

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