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View Diary: Extremely sick Americans overwhelming federal high risk insurance pools (238 comments)

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    The mandate requires all Americans who can afford it to pay private insurance companies.  Compared to a government run program like Medicare, private insurance companies waste more on administrative costs, and they take a huge cut in the form of profits.  Why should Americans be forced to pad the profits of private corporations?

    I am also willing to pay higher taxes for health care, but Romneycare in effect has us paying taxes to cover health care for the "uninsurable" people who need health care the most.  The result is a taxpayer funded guarantee of fat profits for the insurance industry.

    As for the previous reply, framing my criticisms of Romneycare as an assertion that McCain would have been "better" than Obama barely merits a response.  What is notable is neither of the replies addressed the real issue as I stated it.  Americans are being forced to subsidize an inefficient health insurance industry which prioritizes profits over quality health care.

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    by Subterranean on Tue Jan 17, 2012 at 04:13:37 PM PST

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