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  •  Good morning, JaxDem and MOTleys. (4+ / 0-)
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    Got distracted and lost track of the time!

    Yay, Super Bowl I.

    The history of sports is a line that runs directly through me. I lived in the Kansas City area in 1967 and rooted for the Chiefs and now I live in Wisconsin and root for the Packers.

    Today I will be at an all-day youth basketball tournament and will only be able to check in online via my smartphone. I survived my door watching duties in day 1 of the tourney but my first "police action" was rather harrowing. I stopped two women who were trying to carry open cokes into the gym and they got very angry at me. One stomped to the trash receptacle and proceeded to drink the coke, glaring at me between each gulp. Her companion slammed her open coke into the other trash can. All in front of hundreds of kids playing basketball (and my daughter). Excellent role models, "ladies"!! Ignore the signs and reject the instructions of volunteers who are only trying to save on cleanup costs (last year they had extra expenses to clean up food messes in the gym).

    Anyway ... today I just get to watch. Four games and back home by halftime of the Packers.

    Have a great day, everyone!

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