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  •  My parents are from Colombia (11+ / 0-)

    and people there, particularly of their generation and older, are superstitious about cats being evil, satanic, or witchy animals, or just plain bad luck.

    My mom tells me that her father, who was one of the most gentle people you would have ever known, hated cats with a passion. They had a farm with pigs and goats and dogs and all manner of animals, but when a cat wandered in out of the wild, my grandfather would shoot it to scare it off (and I imagine he probably killed a few). He despised cats and mistrusted them deeply.

    When I was growing up here in the states, I wasn't allowed to have pets of any sort, no matter how much I begged. My father didn't want animals in the house. And when neighborhood cats wandered into our backyard, my father would shoot them with a BB gun to scare them off.

    I always wanted a cat, and when I went to college and had my own place, I finally got a kitten. His name is Finder, and he was really sweet. He was there for me when I had deep depression issues and wanted to kill myself. That cat saved my life.

    Later on, after college, I had financial issues and had to move into an apartment with someone. It wasn't until I had fully moved in that we discovered my roommate was allergic to cats. So I asked my mom to take Finder temporarily until I could get back on my feet. She agreed because she had spent some time with Finder while I was in college, when she would visit me. She liked the cat.

    Finder is 12 years old now and he is now my mom's cat. I could have taken him back years ago, but I arrived at my parents' house one day and saw how much love that cat had for my mom, and how much she loved him too. And most amazing of all? My father told everyone who would listen what an amazing cat Finder was. He even told his family back in Colombia about his wonderful cat, and the family back there is just baffled.

    See, my dad is sick and getting sicker, and for the past few years, Finder has been a comfort to him and to my mother (who is now an exhausted 24/7 caretaker). When my dad gets back from his dialysis 3 times a week and he feels like total crap, Finder lies next to him on the bed while he recovers, and won't leave his side. When my mom is upset and crying because she is worried about what is going to happen, Finder sits in her lap and purrs to calm her down.

    I never had the heart to take him back. My parents need him. So I adopted 3 kittens of my own a couple of years ago. So now my family has 4 cats total, and they are greatly loved.

    Thanks for your story, I very nearly cried. Pixie sounds like a wonderful little creature. Cats are truly beautiful and loving animals. But they are unique and can't be treated or read like a dog. They are cats, indeed.

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