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    I recently lost my mother to metastatic breast cancer that had spread to her bones and liver.  She was in terrible pain that took a lot of morphine to control.  Towards the end, she was in and out of sleep, or what passed for sleep, probably more of a drugged stupor, which was better than the pain.  We have two cats, Willie and Max, that she spent a lot of time and trouble pampering.  At the beginning of last year, Willie started to spend more time around Mom, cuddling and snoozing next to her.  He would sleep with her at night, and follow her around the house during the day.  After she was diagnosed with mets, Willie continued to play the nurse, but as the cancer sunk it's claws into her body, and the pain and drugs caused her personality to change, Willie started to stay away from her, but Max started his shift as the nurse cat, as I called him.  Max would cuddle and soothe her as long as it was possible, then when she couldn't stand even the slightest touch from him, we had to put him in locked rooms, as he tried his hardest to get back to her.  When she was in her final agonies, Max watched from the next room in his favorite chair, staring at her almost without blinking.  When she finally left the pain behind, we heard a huge crash, and saw Max on the floor, with his tail in the air, and his eyes almost taking over his face.  Then a strange thing happened.  When all the family had gathered around the dining room table, and were talking over the situation, Max rubbed up against all the people in the room, taking time to comfort everyone in their sorrow.  This was highly unusual for him, as he tended to run and hide under the bed whenever anyone new came in the house, and that included family members.  Everyone was staring, and slightly unnerved.  So when I read this beatiful diary entry, it touched me deeply, and I had to tell my own story.  So Michelewin, I have to say, thank God he's a cat!

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