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View Diary: Odious new anti-transgender bill introduced in Tennessee General Assembly [MAJOR UPDATES] (84 comments)

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    A lot of small retailers in Tennessee, and especially businesses on or close to our hundreds of miles of lakeshore, the Great Smoky National Park, etc., etc., do not maintain public toilets, and typically have crudely lettered signs to this affect on the door. It's expensive to maintain a public toilet, handicap access requires a lot of space, and if you're near a tourist attraction the toilet traffic in the store or restaurant can significantly crowd out paying customers.

    Before this law was enacted in 2008, someone could rush into such an establishment, desperately begging for access to a toilet, be refused by the owners or by employees scared to violate the "no public toilets" rules established by the owners, and have no recourse but to publicly soil him/herself.

    It was really, really, really ugly. So the Democratic-era Tennessee legislature did the humane, reasonable thing by passing § 68-15-303.

    Contrast that to today's Teahadist Tennessee legislature.

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