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View Diary: Newt Gingrich: I'm not attacking capitalism ... I'm attacking Mitt Romney's record (163 comments)

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  •  Newt's money is drying up (1+ / 0-)
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    The 1% don't want to hear on national media that they're vultures and thieves.  Newt's funding is gone.  The only way, the only way he could possibly get back in the game is if he, Santorum or Perry get back in the game.

    But I don't see it.  From RedState lurking, they were in love with Perry, but soured on his Vulture line.

    They soured on Newt for his anti-capitalist crimes as well.

    And they soured on Santorum for his call for "the rich and gov't to help the poor as a moral duty".  So they all see Santorum as just another European Socialist, who will also impose Christian fascism.

    RedState knows Romney is the nominee, and they know he's going to lose.

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