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    It's a state law so it will require the Secretary of State to determine the national popular vote and issue the election certificates accordingly.  Failure to do so would be justiciable, then, as well as grounds for impeachment. Of course, nobody certifies the national vote, just each state (and D.C.) its own, which may be subject to recounts and contests, etc. In 2000, Florida had certified a result that made it indisputable that Gore had won the national popular vote - even had the FL results changed by a thousand votes more or less.

    It's really funny because the French, for example, cannot conceive how we can have so much difficulty counting votes and arriving at a decided winner in an election.

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    by Clem Yeobright on Thu Jan 12, 2012 at 02:20:37 PM PST

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      I can't remember if I changed my sig. The title is what it used to say.

      Seriously, Basildon, in Essex, in England, counts about 90,000 votes in an hour and a half every general election. Mostly they hire bank tellers to deal with sheafs of ballots sorted by candidate, with all sorts of spot checks.

      There's no reason a similar system can't be used everywhere, with a roughly fixed cost per ballot. The US attitude that democracy is such a chore that it can't be undertaken more than once every four years is part of the problem. Counting hundreds of thousands of ballots for dozens of positions on the same night is more of a problem than counting the same ballots spread evenly through the year.

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