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    we need to strike while the iron is hot. The media has a short attention span and it will be on to something else if nothing helps feed the narrative. Then, when Dems try to bring it up in the fall, the Repubs and media will accuse the Dems of rehashing old news. Why not use right now as a teaching moment about what greedy private equity firms like Bain did and show Romney for what he is, a greedy asshole?

    Look, I think one of the most devasting attacks I've seen lately was when somebody pointed out the obvious: Obama and Romney both had MBA's from Harvard. Obama chose to work in the community to help people and Romney chose to enrich himself through the meanest form of vulture capitalism by cannibalizing companies.

    Just how greedy (and stupid) is Romney? He's been running for president for years, and he still couldn't keep himself from taking advantage of every loophole he could find to reduce his taxes. Now they're toxic.

    If the Repubs want Romney as their candidate, they'd actually do better to reveal those returns sooner rather than later. Better to assess the damage now before the convention. Late in the game and it will be the October surprise. The gift that keeps on giving for the Dems.

    "The white race is the domineering race, which is why I'm voting for McClain." Anonymous voter on NPR

    by txdemfem on Fri Jan 13, 2012 at 02:20:40 PM PST

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